A safe and experienced
home to care for your
  • Large Clean Cages that are set up with your bird in mind.  (You
    can bring favorite things.)
  • Experienced handling for plenty of out-of-cage time.
    Lots of hanging play areas throughout the house!
  • Large outside flight cages on a netted patio for safe fresh air
    and sunshine on nice days.
  • Fresh produce and cooked foods served daily along with their
    regular diet of seeds, nuts, pellets and treats.
  • Showers and mistings offered frequently.
  • Enrichments provided to the cage environment and foraging
    toys filled daily.
  • Socialization: A chance to be in the proximity of other parrots
    and people to socialize without physical contact.  
Fun is
had by
Located in Lafayette, California, serving the greater San Francisco
Bay Area.   Text or Call Gayle Reece, Parrot Nanny, 925 451 1873  
  • Gentle Grooming.
  • Meds administered
    with expertise.
  • Special Diets
  • Psittacine Cuisine
    available for
  • Nervous birds with
    "issues" welcome.  
  • This is a happy
    place with plenty of
    singing and dancing.